Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ulrik the Slayer

The final part of the Space Wolf trilogy: Ulrik the Slayer. Pictures are below.

There is much less to say about Ulrik than the other two. He has been painted in the same basic style and methods, and the base has been done in the same manner as Ragnar's.

To get his armour black I underpainted as normal and then went back and gave it a black wash using Games Workshops Badab Black wash. Once this had dried I gave it a second wash to ensure a sufficient depth of colour. Black is always hard to highlight because if you do too much it goes grey, and if not enough then it is difficult to tell anything has been done!

The only other thing of note is the amount of bone on the model. I paint this in a fairly standard way: first coat is graveyard earth and I then build it up with off white. The aim is to have the majority of the detail in off white, or just slightly darker. It unfortunately however takes a while to paint and can lead to slight variations between models. This is fine when you paint individual models, but if the army is bone heavy then I would look to a simpler method.

I have been looking at the Vampire Counts, and I think that the easiest way to get a consistent result would be Army Painter bone coloured spray paint, brown wash, bleached bone dry brush, skull white sparingly dry brushed. Experiments in the future all going well.

Next on my plate are some Infinity miniatures (Defiant Gaming does Infinity in Australia at a very good price). I will show some pictures in my next post.

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