Sunday, February 19, 2012

Infinity Ariadna Starter Pack

Hello all.

As I mentioned I have painted several models for Infinity, one of the non-GW games which currently seem to be competing for the cash of the internet denizens.

This first post contains the contents of the Ariadna starter pack: three line Kazaks, a veteran Kazak with a rifle, a 3rd Greys with 2 light shotguns and a Chasseur with a rifle. Pictures are below.

3 line Kazaks with rifles

Chasseur with rifle, flamethrower and mines!

3rd Grey with 2 light shotguns, rifle, smoke grenades and grenades

Veteran Kazak with rifle and light flamethrower
 These miniatures provide a new player with an interesting variety of weapons, skills and special abilities, with flamethrowers, mines, grenades, shotguns and smoke grenades all making an appearance in addition to camouflage and Sixth Sense level 2. It is worthwhile noting at this point that in order to play the chasseur and the 3rd Grey you will need their rules from the Human Sphere book (this is available free from Infinity Website, so no great cost involved).

I was not one hundred per cent happy with these models as I felt that they did not have enough contrast in the colours and the layering did not come out all that smoothly. Overall I prefer fully painted to not, so still a worthy addition to the battle force.

I started with a white base which I gave a dark wash to before putting down the base colours.  The base was tarted up with little bits of rock (created by making a milliput ball and then giving it a light tap with a lump hammer to get all sorts of interesting shapes and sizes) and painted fairly dark. This received irregular patches of green ground cover and flock.

With subsequent miniatures I have then given a wash to the colours to add a depth of colour and shading, but these first miniatures did not receive this. I have given them several layers of highlights and have added several small marking to add a bit of interest to the models. The black was done with a simple base of black followed by a dark grey and then light grey edge highlight. All of the Kazaks (Russians per background) have received green uniforms, Merovingians (French) combined dark blue and light blue, and the Caledonians (Scottish/English) English Uniform. All of the miniatures are very fine and it is imperative that paint go on in thin layers as it is very easy to flood the details of the miniatures.

I am probably happiest with the Veteran Kazak - I think the armour has worked out quite well and the miniature itself is probably the most futuristic/ near future military in look. The 3rd Grey is arguably the weakest of the bunch in terms of pose.

Hope you enjoy

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