Sunday, February 26, 2012

First expansion of Ariadna

The first expansion for the starter pack I purchased was a small number of support weapon pieces. Ariadna does not have access to the high tech toys of other factions (no TO camouflage, no hackers, no guided missiles, no TAGs, no drones etc.) they do have access to a fair number of heavy weapons and often at a very good price. Also, you get werewolves. What  more needs to be said?

The first miniature below is a Tankhunter with an autocannon.

This miniature was started in my standard method for Infinity miniatures - a white base followed by a very dark brown wash. The base colours were then applied, but starting with this model I then washed these colours with an appropriate Citadel Wash (Thraka Green or Devlan Mud essentially as required), which worked very well to bring out all those little details. All armour and metals I have painted in a very similar way across these models. I start with a base coat of Vallejo German Grey (a very dark grey), wash it with black and then build up highlights with German Grey with increasing amounts of Vallejo White Grey.

I have not done anything to the miniature - I constructed it straight from the blister, leaving the gun off while painting and then attaching it afterwards. This is a good example of some of the fiddlyness of the Infinity miniatures - his offhand is seperate - so needs to be attached to the wrist, and then the frame connected to the gun! Worth it though, as the the miniature is very cool and rather effective in game. He carries arguably the most powerful weapon in the game and is camouflaged meaning he can often wipe his opponent out before they have any chance to do him any harm.

Below is the Zouave Sapper with HMG. This is another good example of the essentially real feel of a lot of Infinty Ariadna models - the gun is exaggerated but believeable; the armour is nicely understated and the pose is believable in a combat setting.

The decorative base is a nice touch and adds a lot to the look of the miniature with very little effort. I have gone for a relatively subdued tone, using mainly Vallejo which tends to come out a fair bit flatter than Games Workshop paints. The uniform is actually in two different blues - his trousers are very slightly lighter but I am not sure the photo shows this well. I have also given him a little tricolore on his right fore arm to add a little interest to the paint job. I must reiterate, Infinity miniatures tend to have very shallow detail, so a decent wash is your best ally.

This is the miniature which made me want to buy Infinity miniatures - his face is perfect and the whole pose is very believable. I read a lot of military modelling magazines when I was little, and I can almost see this miniature in 90mm scale (or 1/20 if you are a 'scale' pedant) and done in oils. It also helps that in the game he is a very tough defender with the ability to be aggresively deployed.

Below is my second Veteran Kazak (I actually own a third - another rifly armed Veteran Kazak), this time armed with an AP HMG.

Infinity sometimes perfectly illustrates the ancient greek concept of bathos that is, going from the sublime to the ridiculous (although it has to be said it is more commonly sublime over the past couple of years than at the very beginning). On one hand you have perfectly posed, sculpted, in scale, near future warriors in very real active poses. Then you will have a crazy pose bloke who looks like he has tripped over his own feet. I think this veteran Kazak teeters dangerously close to the hmmmm... end of the scale - the effeminate posing being the main issue here.

He was painted in the same manner as his compadre, and gives me a few options on the battlefield. You can actually field him as your lieutenant, and with a big gun he can certainly make use of the free order. Unfortunately you also paint a very large sign on him saying please kill me. Otherwise, a Veteran Kazak toting an HMG is never a bad thing to have in your force.

As an off topic point - I believe you could get a close approximation of the Infinity rules but using a D6. The game tends to use 'group's of three to modify the D20 result - cover gives -3 to hit, effective range is +3 and so on. This equates to a system where most modifiers are basically a 15% change - +/- 1 on a D6 equates to a 16.6% change.

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