Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ragnar Blackmane

I am not dead, just having a very long lie down...

I have been painting, and shall shortly be showing some pictures of Njal Stormcaller and Ulrik the Slayer. For today though I have a couple of pictures of Ragnar, which are below.

He has been painted with a new (for me!) style. I base coated in black and then went over the whole miniature highlighting from dark grey up to a very light grey. The armour, bolt pistol and wolfshead shoulder pad have been left as this. Other areas however were then over painted with a couple of light coats of the chosen colour. These were then further highlighted. I found this process actually quite a bit quicker than my normal method of multiple layers of colour, and I am very happy with the result.

The colour choices themselves are not particularly exciting, although I am using a few Vallejo colours in my palette. The flesh was base sand, with highlights in flat flesh. I have found that for me this colour is slightly too flat and cold, so I washed a little orange brown over the flesh to get some warmth and depth of colour. The wolf pelt has been done with graveyard earth, with off white as the highlight.

The base is a 40mm round base from Games Workshop, with a couple of slate pieces and a skull from their Warhammer basing kit. I have put sand on the base and painted everything before going back and putting on static grass (Steppe Grass from Army Painter) and then over everything a light dusting of Games Workshop snow. Finally I have placed a couple of leaves (I found these, but a good option is Basecrafts). The overall look I wanted to achieve on his base was late Autumn, early Winter, the leaves have nearly all fallen, frosts are heavy with some snowfall on very cold nights. Hopefully I have achieved that!

More posts soon!

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