Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dark Eldar Beastmaster and Clawed Fiend

Hello all.

First, apologies for the long break between drinks, real life got in the way. I have continued to paint however, with more Saxons being completed along with a few other bits and pieces. My most recent work however was a commission for a couple of Games Workshop Dark Eldar.

I painted a Beastmaster and a Clawed Fiend, both in a scheme to match with the earlier Archon which I painted a year ago. Here are the pictures:

This is the Clawed Fiend. I have a copy of the Third Edition of the Warhammer 40,000 rules which has picture of a Clawed Fiend of the Donorian Sector. That picture has it more like a bear with massive talons, rather than the faint baboon feel of this miniature. It is an excellent sculpt though with clean details and a very dynamic pose (difficult to photograph though!). It comes in several pieces: his right arm, his left leg and his tail.  For strength I pinned these pieces to the body before gluing them in place. There were gaps around the joins, a common problem with multi part lead miniatures, so I filled them with Milliput White, with a little bit of working to get a fur texture and follow the shape of muscles. 

The painting itself was fairly straightforwards: the fur started with Graveyard earth and built up to pure white, and the flesh started with grey and built up to pure white. This makes the colours blend well together, but still have a distinctive look. Details were picked out in green, and the base was done in the same way as the Archon.

The beastmaster is quick moving, being mounted on a Green Goblin-esque flying board. The miniature is very finely made and quite an interesting concept. It does come in a number of bits however, some of which are a little fiddly. The rider and board are separate. The rider's left arm is separate and quite fine which requires gluing very carefully and I then reinforced it with a small amount of Milliput white. On the board the bar with the skulls on is separate, as is the rear engine. Both go on with no issues however. The chain connecting the rider to the board however is very fiddly: both connection points are small and difficult to access and I have just noticed I put it on back to front. There you go.

The colour scheme has been decided on the basis of tying in with the Archon. The red is a base of red scab with the edges highlighted up to orange, and a black wash before the final highlight to make a stronger contrast. The flesh was started with a coat of graveyard earth, then a mix of bleached bone and graveyard earth with a little snakebite leather to bring some warmth into the colour. Everything else is fairly standard.

Hope you like them!