Sunday, June 26, 2011

Orc Blood Bowl Team

I have just completed painting the Orc team which is supplied in the Blood Bowl boxed set. These models can charitably be described as acceptable. They are from the early dawn of the plastic revolution, so lack clear definition in the details and a general lack of undercuts.

Here are the pictures:

From the point of view of painting these models, there is nothing too flashy about them. The flesh is a medium green, shaded by adding a little red into the green, and then a final wash with black mixed in. This was highlighted by mixing a little off white into the green, then a final highlight with a bit more off white mixed in. Otherwise I have tried to keep the colours bright and with a simple colour scheme, as befits a fantasy sports team, to my mind.

In the game itself Orcs are a good team, able to do bash and run (with an emphasis on bashing). I think their blitzers are particularly good value being fairly quick and dead hard. Tempting to do an 'updated' version with converted plastics from the current range...

Although Blood Bowl is still produced by Games Workshop, there are a couple of companies producing useable miniatures. Gaspez Arts produces a quite nice range of miniatures, but unfortunately the Orc team is not complete. Impact! Miniatures also has a few Orc players but again incomplete, and to my mind, not as nice as the Gaspez Arts miniatures.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Early Saxons (or are they Angles, maybe Jutes...)

I have completed the first unit of a small early Saxon force, of 15 young warriors (Geoguth per the Age of Arthur supplement for Warhammer Ancient Battles) with a command group. Although there is much scholarly debate about the early dark ages in Britain, including the existence or otherwise of Arthur and even whether there was a Saxon invasion as we would understand it, I think the army lists in Age of Arthur make for good games and a good feel for the period. I have also got 15 other young warriors, 10 armoured warriors (Gedricht) and 10 skirmishers with slings. You could also use a small band like this for games of Songs of Blades and Heroes, or any of the multitude of small skirmish games out there at the moment.

On to the photos:

The overall colour theme is brown/off white with a dull red being the common colour. All of these miniatures are from Musketeer, and they are excellent miniatures. They are all very cleanly cast and are well sculpted. A couple of the miniatures have their spear hands low and close to their bodies which, on several, had filled with lead. This was easily drilled out though, and the end result is very impressive.

The chap in the centre is the unit champion/hard case and can be distinguished by his helmet, a coloured band on his tunic and a small device 'th' on his shield. Most of the shields have been deliberately painted in a yellow/brown meant to resemble leather. I think that for warriors of this class, shields would have been a largely disposable item and the time and money necessary to have a ready supply of decorated shields would have been spent elsewhere.

The standard bearer has been left deliberately without a banner, which will be completed separately. Below is a picture of what my enemies see when I play games:

Run for the hills!
Just as an aside, the east coast of England is a great example of the wonders of coastal erosion and depositing. The Saxon Forts in Suffolk which were previously on the coast are now miles inland, while Dunwich was once an important town and is now under water!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Blood Bowl Chaos Team

I have just completed painting a Blood Bowl Chaos team, consisting of four warriors and eleven beastmen. This is a solid starter team, and with two re-rolls quite balanced. I imagine a minotaur will be added to the team, as well several more beastmen and maybe a star player or two.

And now, for the pictures:

The team is in the colours of Tzeentch and has been deliberately painted quite brightly and with a very limited palette. These are all current range miniatures with weapons cut off, and added shoulder pads for the beastmen. The small conversions added a bit of time compared to painting an already completed miniature, which would be reflected in the price.

I am sure the team will perform well (as long as one player remembers to pick the ball up!)