Tuesday, May 31, 2011


These are two miniatures I have been working on every now and again when the mood takes. They each represent several hours of work at this point, and probably at least several more.

So, on to the pictures:

This is my Space Marine Chaplain, with a slightly rough coat of black to be sorted out but most of the details finished. Something else seems to be missing... The arms are at a similar state of completion, but will only be attached once the entire model is completed. He will be a Lamentar, so I will build him a base with some Tyranid corpses once the model is complete.

This is the Rat Knight model produced by Rackham back while they were still around. I loved the Goblin miniatures, a very Froud-esque feel to them and own a set of Rat Knight's, Ashigaru command and some Dai-Bakemonos'. This model has been painted in a basically NMM (non-metallic metallic) style from a white undercoat. The shield and the rat mount are still outstanding.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I will paint for you!

I have decided to offer my skills as a commission painting service. My hobby background covers roughly 20 years, primarily Games Workshop related games. My first painted miniature was actually a Grenadier giant death, a skeleton about 40mm tall clothed in a robe. I painted this miniature with enamels, and it was exactly as good as you would expect. Since then I have painted miniatures for most of the races of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. I have also painted Ork and Ultramarine armies for Epic and do enjoy the smaller scale. In terms of historical miniatures I have painted an Afrika Korps Flames of War army, an AB miniatures British and German platoon, an early Republican Roman army, and a variety of dark age and medieval troop types.

In terms of painting references I have good references for World War One, common dark age armies and medieval armies. I also have basic uniform references for English Civil War, Thirty Years War and the peninsular campaign in the Napoleonic wars. Having said all that, I will require uniform details and guidance to ensure that your understanding of the historical sources is represented in miniature. In terms of Games Workshop games I have around 20 years of experience and a decent understanding of the background, from Rogue Trader/ 3rd edition to the most up to date versions. If you have particular requirements or a colour scheme in mind, we will need to discuss this.

Examples of my prices are as follows:

28mm infantry: AUD 8 per figure
28mm cavalry: AUD 16 per rider and horse
6mm infantry: AUD 1 per figure
6mm cavalry: AUD 2 per figure

This price includes basing, which will be as follows: miniature affixed to base with milliput, sand glued and painted, then static grass. If you want something different we can discuss this but it may entail extra cost, depending on complexity. I expect you to supply the models base, although if you want me to supply it, we can work something out at cost to yourself.

If you would like to discuss a commission with me please email me through the contact email in my profile. In your initial email could you please give me an indication of the size of the order.

I have included below several recent shots of my work.