Monday, March 28, 2011

Old Chaos Dwarves

I have painted a couple of chaos dwarves, from the 80's. These were produced by the Perry twins in the early days of Games Workshop. They sculpted these as well as the Norse and Imperial Dwarves. These were all fantastic ranges, to be honest, and I am trying to get them when I can. I have a decent number of Chaos Dwarves; about 20 warrior types, 15 crossbowmen, 2 mortars, 2 bazukas and 2 swivel guns. Unfortunately the only Imperial dwarves I have are Ulthers Dragon company and Bugmans rangers. Anyway, here are the miniatures:

Part of the reason for the decision to paint these chaps is that I have been painting a Beastman army for Warhammer. I have got to a point however where I start needing to spend some money on building it further. The problem is that with a small child, spending money is much easier said than done.

So I was looking at various miniatures I have acquired over time and realised that I could, for no outlay, and with a bit of counts as and use of unit fillers, build a respectable 1000 point dwarf army. The colour scheme is easy to do (Blue is simply regal blue, red mixed in to create a darker shade, washed over and then highlighted with increasing amounts of bleached bone; Orange is vomit brown, scorched brown mixed and selectively shaded, umbral umber mixed in and darkest shade applied and then highlighted with increasing amounts of bleached bone. A final glaze of red creates the orange/terracotta effect) and there is no real outlay.

So, the next miniatures will be some Space Wolf characters for my little brother, then more stunted chaos creatures!

Friday, March 4, 2011


As a Christmas present I was given a box of Minotaurs by my brother in law, and I have finally gotten around to painting them. I have a small number of beastmen and have joined a gaming group, so I will be painting a few more beastmen miniatures. I quite like the miniatures, surprisingly. The pictures of the painted versions on Games Workshop's site make them look too overly muscled and steroidal, but the actual miniatures mainly look massive and brutal. Without further ado a group shot:

I have gone for a consistent look throughout the army: skin is brown, fur is yellowish, metal is rusted, cloth is yellow with black checking ( for anybody wondering why click here) and horn is white. I differentiate units by the use of red 'markings': these Minotaurs are the Gorefists with red hands, my main Gor unit will be the Bloody Muzzles with red muzzles... I am sure you get the picture.

Above are the three individuals. I have deliberately attempted to make the 'markings' slightly random and hurried looking: I imagine in the pre battle phase where the warherd is building up tempo and passion, there is a semi ritualistic process of units smearing on their markings, to bind themselves to each other, and to dedication to victory in battle.

I have only used these Minotaurs in two games: in the first, two chomped their way through about 20 marauders before dying, and in the second I proxied a unit of six, charged a unit of five chaos knights, failed to even kill a single model, lost and was run down in the pursuit! (Oh the infamy) I will write that off as a learning experience.