Friday, February 18, 2011

20 Marines!

I have painted 20 Space Wolves for my brother as can be seen in this photo:

A while ago I also did 20 Space Wolves for myself:

(Just in case you are wondering, yes they are Epic miniatures so they are about 6mm tall. Very easy to paint, being about 10-15 minutes per base and the game has a fantastic sense of scale with infantry companies through to titans on the battlefield)

The 20 Space Wolves consists of 3 wolf guard, 8 grey hunters and 9 blood claws. The equipment options includes a plasma gun, a wolf banner, a chap to represent mark of the wulfen, and all the wolf guard models are individually equipped.

Two of the wolf guard have already been shown, so the new one is pictured below:

All the marines have been painted in the same basic way: Adeptus Battlegrey as a base building up through shadow grey to space wolves grey. Paints other than that are deliberately limited: blue is used as a highlight colour, all metals are done in mithril, and there is really very little else going on with them.

Below is the Wolf Banner:

The yellow on the banner has been painted in such a way to try and suggest a texture to the material (whether it was successful or not is another matter!) by putting small strokes of paint on and leaving some of the darker colours showing through. I have not played Warhammer 40,000 since 2nd edition, but a wolf banner seems like a great buy for what it does.

Below is what I have done for a model with the mark of the wulfen:

This a really simple conversion: I have simply used the arms from a Beastman. I contemplated all kinds of potential conversions but I think this one looks good and was very simple to achieve.You will also note the decal on the shoulder pad. A similar thinking as the conversion to be honest: simple to achieve and consistent (which is an important qualification in an army).

The other special model painted was a plasma gunner:

No conversions were done to this chap: just a stock standard paint job. As I mentioned above I have maintained a fairly limited palette and this can be seen on the gun: mainly metal with blue used to pick out the key feature: the power coils.

Finally, a Warhammer 40,000 Blood Claw, and a stand of Epic Blood Claws: