Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Group of 5 Space Wolves

Here are the first five marines to be completed and ready to wage war.

First is a standard grey hunter. Although the unit is primarily about close to mid range shooting followed by a brutal counter charge, I have modeled a lot of the figures with a chainsword. This is partly because the do have close combat weapons, but also because it looks good.

Second is another grey hunter modeled in the same way as the first. This model has a lot of bone; a skull on the backpack, the bolter and the chainsword (are they trying to scare wolves maybe?). The way I paint bone is to start with a snakebite leather basecoat and then work my up to pure bleached bone mixing the two as I go. The only other thing I do is add a bit of brown (I use Bloodtracker Brown from Privateer Press) to the highlight stages as I find that Snakebite + Bleached Bone is a bit yellow for my tastes.

The third model is a blood claw. The pack marking is a free hand design (not that it is too difficult a design mind)and the hair is done with washes over a white basecoat.

The fourth model is a wolf guard with a frost axe and bolt pistol. The frost axe is a conversion with the arm originally carrying a bolt pistol. I carved the pistol away and built a single handed axe from the axe in the wolf squad box.

The fifth model is another wolf guard that I have recently shown on this blog. There are several minor conversions made to this model: the tabard was the same as the wolf guard above but has been filed down and green stuff used to smooth it out. The storm shield arm is a normal arm cut and repositioned then rebuilt with green stuff. Finally the head did not sit quite right so a blob of green stuff was used to build up the height a little.

All armour starts with a base coat of Adeptus Battlegrey with a little Mordian Blue, blended up through Shadow Grey and finally some Space Wolves Grey mixed in to Shadow Grey for extreme highlights. It is also worth noting that I have tried to make models as unique as possible so have done a certain amount of filing off of details or adding details on to individualize them all.

Because I am painting quite a few chaps (hopefully) I am intending to write some of my standard combinations and rough proportions so the models should look relatively cohesive.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

First image of a Space Wolf!

One of the primary reasons to set up this blog was to document production of a small Warhammer 40,000 force for my brother. In view of this I will now post up the first image of a work in progress miniature.

There are still a couple of outstanding things to do: the beard will be grey, metallics need to be done, minor bits and pieces and then the base. He is largely a stock marine built from the Space Wolves boxed set with only a minor conversion on the storm shield arm to change the pose from holding the shield in front of the body, to holding it beside the body. I kind of imagine the Space Wolves as pretty much triple hard bastards, not really needing to throw themselves at the enemy once they have outgrown their youthful impetuousness. The Blood Claws therefore I have tried to pose in aggressive poses, while Grey Hunters and Wolf Guard are more relaxed and stolid.

I have a further four at a similar stage of completeness, five built and undercoated, and a final ten in the process of being built. I have a deadline as well: in mid February I will be visiting New Zealand so I want to have them all done at this point!