Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dark Eldar Beastmaster and Clawed Fiend

Hello all.

First, apologies for the long break between drinks, real life got in the way. I have continued to paint however, with more Saxons being completed along with a few other bits and pieces. My most recent work however was a commission for a couple of Games Workshop Dark Eldar.

I painted a Beastmaster and a Clawed Fiend, both in a scheme to match with the earlier Archon which I painted a year ago. Here are the pictures:

This is the Clawed Fiend. I have a copy of the Third Edition of the Warhammer 40,000 rules which has picture of a Clawed Fiend of the Donorian Sector. That picture has it more like a bear with massive talons, rather than the faint baboon feel of this miniature. It is an excellent sculpt though with clean details and a very dynamic pose (difficult to photograph though!). It comes in several pieces: his right arm, his left leg and his tail.  For strength I pinned these pieces to the body before gluing them in place. There were gaps around the joins, a common problem with multi part lead miniatures, so I filled them with Milliput White, with a little bit of working to get a fur texture and follow the shape of muscles. 

The painting itself was fairly straightforwards: the fur started with Graveyard earth and built up to pure white, and the flesh started with grey and built up to pure white. This makes the colours blend well together, but still have a distinctive look. Details were picked out in green, and the base was done in the same way as the Archon.

The beastmaster is quick moving, being mounted on a Green Goblin-esque flying board. The miniature is very finely made and quite an interesting concept. It does come in a number of bits however, some of which are a little fiddly. The rider and board are separate. The rider's left arm is separate and quite fine which requires gluing very carefully and I then reinforced it with a small amount of Milliput white. On the board the bar with the skulls on is separate, as is the rear engine. Both go on with no issues however. The chain connecting the rider to the board however is very fiddly: both connection points are small and difficult to access and I have just noticed I put it on back to front. There you go.

The colour scheme has been decided on the basis of tying in with the Archon. The red is a base of red scab with the edges highlighted up to orange, and a black wash before the final highlight to make a stronger contrast. The flesh was started with a coat of graveyard earth, then a mix of bleached bone and graveyard earth with a little snakebite leather to bring some warmth into the colour. Everything else is fairly standard.

Hope you like them!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Orc Blood Bowl Team

I have just completed painting the Orc team which is supplied in the Blood Bowl boxed set. These models can charitably be described as acceptable. They are from the early dawn of the plastic revolution, so lack clear definition in the details and a general lack of undercuts.

Here are the pictures:

From the point of view of painting these models, there is nothing too flashy about them. The flesh is a medium green, shaded by adding a little red into the green, and then a final wash with black mixed in. This was highlighted by mixing a little off white into the green, then a final highlight with a bit more off white mixed in. Otherwise I have tried to keep the colours bright and with a simple colour scheme, as befits a fantasy sports team, to my mind.

In the game itself Orcs are a good team, able to do bash and run (with an emphasis on bashing). I think their blitzers are particularly good value being fairly quick and dead hard. Tempting to do an 'updated' version with converted plastics from the current range...

Although Blood Bowl is still produced by Games Workshop, there are a couple of companies producing useable miniatures. Gaspez Arts produces a quite nice range of miniatures, but unfortunately the Orc team is not complete. Impact! Miniatures also has a few Orc players but again incomplete, and to my mind, not as nice as the Gaspez Arts miniatures.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Early Saxons (or are they Angles, maybe Jutes...)

I have completed the first unit of a small early Saxon force, of 15 young warriors (Geoguth per the Age of Arthur supplement for Warhammer Ancient Battles) with a command group. Although there is much scholarly debate about the early dark ages in Britain, including the existence or otherwise of Arthur and even whether there was a Saxon invasion as we would understand it, I think the army lists in Age of Arthur make for good games and a good feel for the period. I have also got 15 other young warriors, 10 armoured warriors (Gedricht) and 10 skirmishers with slings. You could also use a small band like this for games of Songs of Blades and Heroes, or any of the multitude of small skirmish games out there at the moment.

On to the photos:

The overall colour theme is brown/off white with a dull red being the common colour. All of these miniatures are from Musketeer, and they are excellent miniatures. They are all very cleanly cast and are well sculpted. A couple of the miniatures have their spear hands low and close to their bodies which, on several, had filled with lead. This was easily drilled out though, and the end result is very impressive.

The chap in the centre is the unit champion/hard case and can be distinguished by his helmet, a coloured band on his tunic and a small device 'th' on his shield. Most of the shields have been deliberately painted in a yellow/brown meant to resemble leather. I think that for warriors of this class, shields would have been a largely disposable item and the time and money necessary to have a ready supply of decorated shields would have been spent elsewhere.

The standard bearer has been left deliberately without a banner, which will be completed separately. Below is a picture of what my enemies see when I play games:

Run for the hills!
Just as an aside, the east coast of England is a great example of the wonders of coastal erosion and depositing. The Saxon Forts in Suffolk which were previously on the coast are now miles inland, while Dunwich was once an important town and is now under water!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Blood Bowl Chaos Team

I have just completed painting a Blood Bowl Chaos team, consisting of four warriors and eleven beastmen. This is a solid starter team, and with two re-rolls quite balanced. I imagine a minotaur will be added to the team, as well several more beastmen and maybe a star player or two.

And now, for the pictures:

The team is in the colours of Tzeentch and has been deliberately painted quite brightly and with a very limited palette. These are all current range miniatures with weapons cut off, and added shoulder pads for the beastmen. The small conversions added a bit of time compared to painting an already completed miniature, which would be reflected in the price.

I am sure the team will perform well (as long as one player remembers to pick the ball up!)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


These are two miniatures I have been working on every now and again when the mood takes. They each represent several hours of work at this point, and probably at least several more.

So, on to the pictures:

This is my Space Marine Chaplain, with a slightly rough coat of black to be sorted out but most of the details finished. Something else seems to be missing... The arms are at a similar state of completion, but will only be attached once the entire model is completed. He will be a Lamentar, so I will build him a base with some Tyranid corpses once the model is complete.

This is the Rat Knight model produced by Rackham back while they were still around. I loved the Goblin miniatures, a very Froud-esque feel to them and own a set of Rat Knight's, Ashigaru command and some Dai-Bakemonos'. This model has been painted in a basically NMM (non-metallic metallic) style from a white undercoat. The shield and the rat mount are still outstanding.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I will paint for you!

I have decided to offer my skills as a commission painting service. My hobby background covers roughly 20 years, primarily Games Workshop related games. My first painted miniature was actually a Grenadier giant death, a skeleton about 40mm tall clothed in a robe. I painted this miniature with enamels, and it was exactly as good as you would expect. Since then I have painted miniatures for most of the races of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. I have also painted Ork and Ultramarine armies for Epic and do enjoy the smaller scale. In terms of historical miniatures I have painted an Afrika Korps Flames of War army, an AB miniatures British and German platoon, an early Republican Roman army, and a variety of dark age and medieval troop types.

In terms of painting references I have good references for World War One, common dark age armies and medieval armies. I also have basic uniform references for English Civil War, Thirty Years War and the peninsular campaign in the Napoleonic wars. Having said all that, I will require uniform details and guidance to ensure that your understanding of the historical sources is represented in miniature. In terms of Games Workshop games I have around 20 years of experience and a decent understanding of the background, from Rogue Trader/ 3rd edition to the most up to date versions. If you have particular requirements or a colour scheme in mind, we will need to discuss this.

Examples of my prices are as follows:

28mm infantry: AUD 8 per figure
28mm cavalry: AUD 16 per rider and horse
6mm infantry: AUD 1 per figure
6mm cavalry: AUD 2 per figure

This price includes basing, which will be as follows: miniature affixed to base with milliput, sand glued and painted, then static grass. If you want something different we can discuss this but it may entail extra cost, depending on complexity. I expect you to supply the models base, although if you want me to supply it, we can work something out at cost to yourself.

If you would like to discuss a commission with me please email me through the contact email in my profile. In your initial email could you please give me an indication of the size of the order.

I have included below several recent shots of my work.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Old Chaos Dwarves

I have painted a couple of chaos dwarves, from the 80's. These were produced by the Perry twins in the early days of Games Workshop. They sculpted these as well as the Norse and Imperial Dwarves. These were all fantastic ranges, to be honest, and I am trying to get them when I can. I have a decent number of Chaos Dwarves; about 20 warrior types, 15 crossbowmen, 2 mortars, 2 bazukas and 2 swivel guns. Unfortunately the only Imperial dwarves I have are Ulthers Dragon company and Bugmans rangers. Anyway, here are the miniatures:

Part of the reason for the decision to paint these chaps is that I have been painting a Beastman army for Warhammer. I have got to a point however where I start needing to spend some money on building it further. The problem is that with a small child, spending money is much easier said than done.

So I was looking at various miniatures I have acquired over time and realised that I could, for no outlay, and with a bit of counts as and use of unit fillers, build a respectable 1000 point dwarf army. The colour scheme is easy to do (Blue is simply regal blue, red mixed in to create a darker shade, washed over and then highlighted with increasing amounts of bleached bone; Orange is vomit brown, scorched brown mixed and selectively shaded, umbral umber mixed in and darkest shade applied and then highlighted with increasing amounts of bleached bone. A final glaze of red creates the orange/terracotta effect) and there is no real outlay.

So, the next miniatures will be some Space Wolf characters for my little brother, then more stunted chaos creatures!

Friday, March 4, 2011


As a Christmas present I was given a box of Minotaurs by my brother in law, and I have finally gotten around to painting them. I have a small number of beastmen and have joined a gaming group, so I will be painting a few more beastmen miniatures. I quite like the miniatures, surprisingly. The pictures of the painted versions on Games Workshop's site make them look too overly muscled and steroidal, but the actual miniatures mainly look massive and brutal. Without further ado a group shot:

I have gone for a consistent look throughout the army: skin is brown, fur is yellowish, metal is rusted, cloth is yellow with black checking ( for anybody wondering why click here) and horn is white. I differentiate units by the use of red 'markings': these Minotaurs are the Gorefists with red hands, my main Gor unit will be the Bloody Muzzles with red muzzles... I am sure you get the picture.

Above are the three individuals. I have deliberately attempted to make the 'markings' slightly random and hurried looking: I imagine in the pre battle phase where the warherd is building up tempo and passion, there is a semi ritualistic process of units smearing on their markings, to bind themselves to each other, and to dedication to victory in battle.

I have only used these Minotaurs in two games: in the first, two chomped their way through about 20 marauders before dying, and in the second I proxied a unit of six, charged a unit of five chaos knights, failed to even kill a single model, lost and was run down in the pursuit! (Oh the infamy) I will write that off as a learning experience.

Friday, February 18, 2011

20 Marines!

I have painted 20 Space Wolves for my brother as can be seen in this photo:

A while ago I also did 20 Space Wolves for myself:

(Just in case you are wondering, yes they are Epic miniatures so they are about 6mm tall. Very easy to paint, being about 10-15 minutes per base and the game has a fantastic sense of scale with infantry companies through to titans on the battlefield)

The 20 Space Wolves consists of 3 wolf guard, 8 grey hunters and 9 blood claws. The equipment options includes a plasma gun, a wolf banner, a chap to represent mark of the wulfen, and all the wolf guard models are individually equipped.

Two of the wolf guard have already been shown, so the new one is pictured below:

All the marines have been painted in the same basic way: Adeptus Battlegrey as a base building up through shadow grey to space wolves grey. Paints other than that are deliberately limited: blue is used as a highlight colour, all metals are done in mithril, and there is really very little else going on with them.

Below is the Wolf Banner:

The yellow on the banner has been painted in such a way to try and suggest a texture to the material (whether it was successful or not is another matter!) by putting small strokes of paint on and leaving some of the darker colours showing through. I have not played Warhammer 40,000 since 2nd edition, but a wolf banner seems like a great buy for what it does.

Below is what I have done for a model with the mark of the wulfen:

This a really simple conversion: I have simply used the arms from a Beastman. I contemplated all kinds of potential conversions but I think this one looks good and was very simple to achieve.You will also note the decal on the shoulder pad. A similar thinking as the conversion to be honest: simple to achieve and consistent (which is an important qualification in an army).

The other special model painted was a plasma gunner:

No conversions were done to this chap: just a stock standard paint job. As I mentioned above I have maintained a fairly limited palette and this can be seen on the gun: mainly metal with blue used to pick out the key feature: the power coils.

Finally, a Warhammer 40,000 Blood Claw, and a stand of Epic Blood Claws:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Group of 5 Space Wolves

Here are the first five marines to be completed and ready to wage war.

First is a standard grey hunter. Although the unit is primarily about close to mid range shooting followed by a brutal counter charge, I have modeled a lot of the figures with a chainsword. This is partly because the do have close combat weapons, but also because it looks good.

Second is another grey hunter modeled in the same way as the first. This model has a lot of bone; a skull on the backpack, the bolter and the chainsword (are they trying to scare wolves maybe?). The way I paint bone is to start with a snakebite leather basecoat and then work my up to pure bleached bone mixing the two as I go. The only other thing I do is add a bit of brown (I use Bloodtracker Brown from Privateer Press) to the highlight stages as I find that Snakebite + Bleached Bone is a bit yellow for my tastes.

The third model is a blood claw. The pack marking is a free hand design (not that it is too difficult a design mind)and the hair is done with washes over a white basecoat.

The fourth model is a wolf guard with a frost axe and bolt pistol. The frost axe is a conversion with the arm originally carrying a bolt pistol. I carved the pistol away and built a single handed axe from the axe in the wolf squad box.

The fifth model is another wolf guard that I have recently shown on this blog. There are several minor conversions made to this model: the tabard was the same as the wolf guard above but has been filed down and green stuff used to smooth it out. The storm shield arm is a normal arm cut and repositioned then rebuilt with green stuff. Finally the head did not sit quite right so a blob of green stuff was used to build up the height a little.

All armour starts with a base coat of Adeptus Battlegrey with a little Mordian Blue, blended up through Shadow Grey and finally some Space Wolves Grey mixed in to Shadow Grey for extreme highlights. It is also worth noting that I have tried to make models as unique as possible so have done a certain amount of filing off of details or adding details on to individualize them all.

Because I am painting quite a few chaps (hopefully) I am intending to write some of my standard combinations and rough proportions so the models should look relatively cohesive.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

First image of a Space Wolf!

One of the primary reasons to set up this blog was to document production of a small Warhammer 40,000 force for my brother. In view of this I will now post up the first image of a work in progress miniature.

There are still a couple of outstanding things to do: the beard will be grey, metallics need to be done, minor bits and pieces and then the base. He is largely a stock marine built from the Space Wolves boxed set with only a minor conversion on the storm shield arm to change the pose from holding the shield in front of the body, to holding it beside the body. I kind of imagine the Space Wolves as pretty much triple hard bastards, not really needing to throw themselves at the enemy once they have outgrown their youthful impetuousness. The Blood Claws therefore I have tried to pose in aggressive poses, while Grey Hunters and Wolf Guard are more relaxed and stolid.

I have a further four at a similar stage of completeness, five built and undercoated, and a final ten in the process of being built. I have a deadline as well: in mid February I will be visiting New Zealand so I want to have them all done at this point!