Monday, December 6, 2010

Dark Eldar Archon

To the left is the basic 'raw' Archon model. I have used the equipment options supplied within the blister for two reasons. First, I do not have access to the plastic kits so I would have to scratch build any alternative gear, which I am unwilling to do. Secondly, I am painting the model for my brother-in-law who is interested only in the aesthetic value of the model, rather than any potential battlefield performance.

The base is a thin layer of green stuff with a square pattern scored in with a needle. I imagine this Archon in Commorragh, stepping down onto a.. surface.. that most closely resembles a cobbled street.

To the right is the completed model. I have chosen to use a fairly limited palette, and generally quite dark. The armour is red and I have used edge highlighting to get good definition. I wanted the face mask to stand out, as the focal point of the model, and most other details to tone with the armour. The inside of the cloak acts to emphasize the darkness of the main model, and prevent the model being swamped.

The red is done with a base coat of mechrite red, shaded with  a black/mechrite wash, highlighted with blood red, shaded with  a black/mechrite wash, built up with blazing orange, and then a final very sparing highlight of sunburst yellow. This is the technique I tend to use on all the models I paint.

I am waiting on the Space Wolves. The first consignment should be here before Christmas, all being well.